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Simplified with Style is a professional organizing and decluttering service.  Our goal is to make your life run smoother.


With the hectic pace of NYC, understandably life (and our stuff) at home may get chaotic and overwhelming at times. Somehow there never seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all we’d like. Simplified with Style is here to help you regain control of your home and organize it into a welcoming space that works for you.  

Whether you need a single closet, pantry or whole home organized – Simplified with Style is here to help. 

A home well edited and beautifully organized creates peace of mind, space to relax and the freedom to focus on the things you love.

Professional Organizer | NYC | SIMPLified with style | Lisa Deutsch

Let’s get organized!

You'll benefit from our organizing services if you are:

  • Feeling the desire to lead a calmer, more stress-free life
  • Busy with other parts of your life and need some help
  • Preparing for a move in/out
  • Getting your home ready to put on the market
  • Had changes in relationship status (marriage, divorce, separation)
  • Downsizing
  • Clearing a home after a loved one has passed


"My laundry/mud room has been a horrible thorn in my side for a long time. It was very cluttered, unorganized and messy. I have three very active children and two dogs and am constantly washing, ironing and folding laundry. Needless to say - I dreaded spending time in that room.
Luckily a friend referred me to Lisa Deutsch of Simplified with Style. She came over and spent time finding out what I wanted in a laundry room. I think the hardest part for me was figuring out a system that would work. I knew I wanted an efficient, clean area that was clutter-free but figuring out how to do that was overwhelming for me. Lisa made me feel at ease and after our conversation, I felt she understood me and what I wanted and needed.
She returned a few days later with a plan and some supplies to help me get organized. In just a few hours, she transformed my entire room!!! I was so wowed! She implemented a system that worked for me and organized all the items in the room so that it looked and was clutter free. Lisa totally understood what I wanted and needed. I am more than thrilled that I used her expertise in organizing my home and I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to better their life!"


“Lisa Deutsch did an incredible job organizing my drawers so that I don’t spend hours looking for specific items I couldn’t locate.  She arranged clothes according to type, length and color making it so much less time consuming to get dressed and leave the house on time – instead of being late!”


"Lisa did a phenomenal job.  She was efficient and effective and also easy to work with.  She tamed our closets and we are thrilled.  We highly recommend her!"