Picture your dream home. Is it filled with clutter?


I love the peace that organization brings to my life. 

Not so long ago, we had to clear out my large childhood home and I found my own apartment suddenly flooded with stuff and memories. After going through it, I truly understand that clearing space can be an emotional, yet freeing experience. 

It feels great to finally be paired down to only the things that bring me joy and I find it rewarding to share this magic with my clients. It’s exciting to see their lives change from overwhelm, stress and clutter into functional, calming spaces they enjoy every time they walk through their door.

I’ve spent my career as a corporate event planner producing 37+ events annually. Suffice it to say, I’ve had a ton of experience keeping the details organized. Living in a pint-sized NYC apt has made me a master of small space organizing and solutions. As a clothes-lover with minuscule closet space, this has been a challenge I’ve had to conquer! Helping others declutter, organize and make their homes more welcoming is a joy for me.

Lisa Deutsch, Owner of Simplified with style

Lisa Deutsch, Owner of Simplified with style

A few fun facts about me…

  • Traveling the world - my passion

  • Bringing back hand-made items from special places - my treasures

  • Finding space in my pint-sized apt for these treasures - my gift

  • The Container Store - my heaven

  • Yoga and dark chocolate - my happiness

  • Less clutter & more organization - my path to a more peaceful life

Let this be the year you get organized.

Let’s get started!